Playing the matchmaker

We at iBluebottle believe that most of us need a little bit of help in finding that special person in our life.

Many of the so-called “Love Marriages” are made possible only by an introduction or a chance encounter at a common friend’s place. Or it could be at a college fest where you meet this girl who has been invited by one of her friends who also happens to be your batch-mate (guess who met his partner this way). So technically there is a matchmaker involved even though we may not recognize her explicitly.

Our aim is to play the role of a consummate matchmaker, by which we simply mean that we will try to maximise your chances of finding a compatible match in the shortest possible time.

PS: Along the way we will equip you with our pearls of matchmaking wisdom, make you a jedi master of the dating craft and develop your inner magnetism to attract even the most iron-hearted guy/girl. And erm…gently help you to your feet after the inevitable fiascoes.