Would you like to marry a billionaire?

This way please…oh don’t be alarmed..this machine would record your heart rate while we ask you some deep, probing questions..and these guys? relax ..they are our plastic surgeon detectives who would check if you have had a face-lift…just one more thing…ahem…we need to check if you are a virgin..now now..please understand that we have to be very strict when deciding upon the contest finalists…try to imagine your life if you married a billionaire….you have already scored highly on your looks, don’t screw it up now…

marry a billionaire

Thousands of Chinese women are taking part in a contest to be one of the 100 finalists who would get a chance to meet billionaire men looking for wives. Gold-digging it is definitely not if you believe some of the contestants – ” I don’t care if people call me a money-worshipper because I am not. It is fine for me to marry a normal man but it is better to marry a rich man.”

The degrading qualification process of this contest apart, who could fault these starry-eyed beauties, some of them from top universities? Most women marry for money, a consequence of prizing stability- for themselves and for their future progeny – over everything else. Some of us might not find the blatant quest of marrying-up very edifying but there is no denying this evolutionary trait.

Of course you could be one of those who do not care an iota about the pecuniary situation of their future husband. But you are probably an exception. And it is likely that even if he has no money now, your subconscious would probably assess his future earning capacity before marrying him.

There is this romantic notion that it is somehow ignominious to mention money in the matter of the heart and that true love doesn’t care about baser things like finances. In the stories and films of popular culture, nothing provides a better backdrop than the vast monetary gulf between the two protagonists in love. A rich heir or heiress always falls for the indigent and they get together (or die trying) irrespective of all the threats/pleas of their parents. We all know how that turns out in real life.

If you do not want to explicit chase money or be seen chasing money, why not fall in love with a billionaire? But for that to happen you would have to first engineer a meeting or at least position yourself in their general vicinity. The Chinese women described above are doing exactly that. There is a small hitch though – no one is sure if the Chinese men being touted as billionaires are for real because their details have never been released.