Do you need a dating coach?

Would you like to be turned into “a stud from a dud”? Would you like to dazzle your date with your native wit and charm instead of that nervous throat-clearing you do when talking to an intelligent and attractive woman? Or maybe you run out of conversation topics and start blabbering about some random friend of yours who your date knows nothing about? Congratulations, you appear to be a perfect prospect for a dating coach!

A dating coach seems a relatively new profession but the problem it tries to solve is an old one – how to have a great date and avoid rejection. There have been numerous self-help books that claim to demystify women so that men (who are not and probably do not want to be seen as mysterious) can”get” them – in both senses of the word. But a dating guru who explicitly coaches on dating tactics is a recent phenomenon brought forward by the immense popularity of online matchmaking.

Dating coach

A quick google search for “dating coach” throws out a mishmash of cheesy-sounding websites which are all trying to sell their Platinum/Gold  dating packages. Most of them claim to convert you from “duds to studs” or effect some other equally improbably rhyming transformation. A few tend to ply their trade in more subtle undertones with blurbs like “The freedom to be your true, outrageous self without fear of rejection.” Others have no qualms touting their services a bit more commercially -Revealed : How to attract women with one AMAZING stealth strategy!!.

And then we came across a desi version – something called the Real Man Academy. They claim to be India’s first dating consultancy and conduct a four day bootcamp that teaches men how to approach women. The website targets Indians but all the pictures on the website are of Westerners and the copy has mildly surreal aphorisms like “Every father should teach this to his son’. Dating advise from dad ? Brilliant. Their workshop slots are shown fully booked but err…these go back all the way to January. Maybe they got saddled with real duds and the bootcamp is taking longer than usual.

How effective is date coaching? There have been little research done on date coaches and there is no accreditation agency. Shiva, the guy who purportedly runs the Real Man Academy cites ‘slaps, kicks, drinks thrown in my face, thrown out by security guards’ amongst his credentials which qualify him to become a dating coach.

As more young people graduate with honours in Facebook, online gaming and virtual socializing, face-to-face conversation skills are bound to get scarcer. We will probably see dating coaches become mainstream in the next few years. But for now even though you might benefit from some generic common-sense advice, it is unlikely that you would have a harem anytime soon after a coaching bootcamp.