5 things not to do on your second date (for guys)

For the purpose of this post I am going to assume you are a guy. Nothing against the girls of course; indeed they merit their own post which will follow soon.

So you have scored a second date. Congratulations! According to our ongoing research project, The Great Indian Matchmaking Challenge, only 23% manage to go on a second date.

Assuming you are amongst those lucky ones who were given the benefit of the doubt the first time around, get ready for the crunch time.

Your second date is most likely to be a decisive one. During the course of your lunch/dinner your date would either start wondering why on earth did she agree for the second meeting or you two would get along so famously that you risk resentment-glances from other patrons in the establishment.

StopHow can you have a great second date ?  By (not) doing these five things :

  1. Do not wear the same shirt you wore on your first date. Yes, you read that right. Even if all your shirts are the same shade of blue. And even if your first date was two weeks back in a restaurant where the light was so dim that you had trouble eating your dim-sum. Girls notice these things.
  2. Do not take her to a vada-paav or falafal joint. Just because she agreed to come on a second date doesn’t mean that you start treating her as one of you best buddies.  “He was taking me for granted” is one of the most potent arrows in the rejection arsenal.
  3. Do not swear. Some poor guys have this misguided notion that if they acted cool and swore a lot nonchalantly, they raise their cool quotient. Girls start thinking of long division if you do that and you will be left looking like a sad remainder.
  4. Do not let her pay. Some girls will absolutely, occasionally in a militant fashion, insist on sharing the bill or worse, even paying for your portion. Be forewarned that this is a test and you need to negotiate it with finesse. First of all, do not panic. Pretend that you have agreed to share the bill and take her card in your hand so that you can hand it over to the waiter. When the waiter approaches , magically produce your own card and pay the full amount.
  5. Do not let her feel stranded after the date. Offer to drop her wherever she wants to go. If she is taking public transport, accompany her to the station and wait till she boards her train/bus. All girls love to be treated like proper ladies – be a gentleman.

Here’s wishing you good luck for your second date. Let us know how your “encounter” goes and we will publish the most interesting (and educational) ones.